Things you can’t see………..

Do you know?

Where your mind goes……

There are things you can’t see.

Which you always ignore.

Do you know?

What you are saying……..

There are things you can’t say.

That you can’t keep to yourself.

All that’s swept under the rug.

All that makes you shrug

And look away………

There are things that everyone can see

But you deny!

So you think this way its easier.

I say……..’Just try’.

Unlucky in love?

Hey there,

Welcome yall!

I shouldn’t be this happy given the topic for today, but I can’t help. But I am excited just by the thought of writing about this. Without further ado………Lets go!

I always thought I am unlucky in love. No matter how much attention I got(Not much, but still), no matter how much validation I got(same here). I was the brat who always thought that she deserved more.

To be frank, we all deserve more!

If you ask me we all are unlucky in love, coz we don’t get everything we deserve. And since we don’t get everything we deserve, we turn into these silly brats who think they deserve everything. Don’t blame me if you are confused, bear with me so could I break it down.

We all are unlucky not just in love but all the things that we strive for. We work hard for so many things and we get almost nothing for it. But then again, did we just walk into it with all these expectations or did we just get too comfortable.

I always feel like I am unlucky in love. But this lack of love has nothing to do with me. Its just me tying myself up to this shallow proof of validation where I have to trust a person who should not be trusted at all costs…………..TO VALIDATE MYSELF. And this is the case for everything in life.

We live in world where everything needs to be done at once, where people never stop to look around, where people define their existence on the basis of looks, wealth and the worst of it allLove. Its not even the kind of love you read about in books and watch in movies. Its something that starts with a pricey coffee in the evening and ends with online chats.

So, think again……….Are you really unlucky in love?

Till then,


TBH: Regrets don’t make you a good person.

Hey there,

Yeah! I am back with my weekend dose of wisdom that nobody cares about. Yet! I have to say it. After all,


So where was I? Yep! Have you ever encountered people who do you so dirty and yet you have to face them, like…….everyday.

With one look at them, you can’t help it, all the hurt and pain comes back to you. And they’re like………”you can blame me if you want”.

Hello! Why would I? Ever heard of moving on?

This is the problem with toxic people even when they are regretting their actions in the past, they still manage to stay entitled and undermine your painful journey for their so called ”redemption”. As if victim blaming wasn’t enough!

These people need to know that regrets don’t make you a good person. No matter how much you regret, no one can deny that you were selfish and entitled right from the start.

So, now…… I see the person in question go on about how much he regrets the past. I slowly turn the page of ”uncanny valley” (one of my favourite books in the recent times.) And tune him out!

Till then,


A reason to smile.

When I cried,

The nights got darker,

And the seas deeper…….filled with tears.

When I cried,

My mind was filled with sorrow.

What’s so great about tomorrow?

Kept on asking……..

A reason to smile, is all you need.

Can be the sun rising or the lush green.

All we need is a pat on the back,

To make up for everything we lack,

And a dream to chase…………forever.

My reason to smile……………….

TBH: We all want to break that cycle.

(Note: To be honest or TBH is my way of dealing with issues that concern all of us. This allows me to give hard to swallow facts in terms of relationships, life choices and people that surround us. I don’t have an intention of hurting or demeaning anyone.)

Hey there,

I am back! Its been just a week but it feels like a year of absence. Well, as usual I was busy getting out the mess that I shouldn’t have been in the first place but if you have been breathing the air for as long as me then you would know.

Talking about mess, this will be the topic for today. That me being in some sort of difficult to solve situation is quite usual, (mind you! I said difficult to solve which means it can be solved, it all happens to give me a break from my peaceful existence).

I always wonder did I make it a habit of being in a mess and finding a way around it? Did I get too comfortable keeping a brave face throughout? Or is vit just bad luck?

I read somewhere that if you keep on repeating all these negative thoughts about yourself then they will become your only reality. This negativity thing isn’t new. This even sounds familiar. But I can’t ignore it, let me explain………

We all want to break this cycle of downfalls but we can’t ignore that these downfalls might have a big impact but they are not frequent. All that bothers you is that uncertainty of will this happen again?

And then it happens again leaving you in a cold mess that you can’t get out of, atleast not in time. This might be a challenge to your resilience. And I understand that you might be anxious and hurting because of it.

What I do is hang in there, even when I am fed up, even when I am anxious. The best thing you can do in such situations is hang in there and try to solve it.

Sometimes you can avoid being in a mess and sometimes you can’t. Always remember that not all problems that you face are created by you and this is unfair. But not dealing with them and giving up is unfair too.

Till then,


Crying Rivers

She used to collect flowers.

That fell on the ground.

Too nice to pluck them.

Oh! She knew better.

Now we are crying rivers.

When she left for……… forever.

Flowing and flowing.

Its filled to the brim.

We can only cry rivers.

When the cut goes deeper.

She used to gather sea shells.

That washed with tides on the beach.

It was so far that she can’t go look for them.

As usual, she knew better.

Now we are crying rivers.

Coz she left for………forever

Flowing and flowing.

Its going to waste, can’t reach where its needed.

The land is still dry.

We can only cry rivers.

When the time for healing gets longer.

Just when it all started making sense

(From today onwards I am starting this new blog series called just when it started making sense which focuses on uncertain changes that occur in our lives and how it affects us)

Hey there,

I am back and it feels like I have been away for so long. Mostly I am falling, rising amd then falling and getting ready to rise up again. So it must be that too!

So, a lot has gone down. I am doing great career wise(that’s what I like to tell myself)   but I am also recovering from losing a loved one. I think I come across such intersections on the road called life all the time but is it really the case?

They say life happens when you’re busy making other plans but does it happen all the time? Do you really have to give up on your goals because your life took an undesirable turn and can you still keep going on?

I don’t know the answer to these questions because I keep on asking them myself. But I do know that nothing is permanent. Things that last are actually the promises you make yourself and when you fulfill them by being true to yourself then slowly yet gradually you will find yourself in a much better place, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

I am feeling this and I think I will get over it. As I am preparing myself to take the biggest leap of my life yet again(for the umpteenth time actually). I am glad that I have fulfilled most promises that I made to myself.

And it feels great!

Till then,


A Blunder.

(Based on true events)

She walked in the house. She has been looking for her missing best friend since last week. She tried calling him for so many times. Still she heard nothing from him.

Then she noticed something. There were no extra house keys in the jar. She checked again. There were car keys, room keys and other trash but no sign of extra keys.

There was a noise in the kitchen. She ran towards the kitchen and looked around. She found nothing. She turned around but suddenly she noticed that a drawer is slid open slightly. She walked to the drawer and opened it. She saw an envelope with her name written on it in plain yet unknown handwriting.

She opened it and read………..


I know its an old trick but it still works.

Happy weekend and take care!

Till then,


Future, you can never predict it.

Hey there,

I am back with my cherry picked insights about life and every thing learn from it. So here we go…….

I know! As the title suggests, we can never predict future. You can work around it, you can make your assumptions or you can prepare yourself for it……but you can never change it.

But why do we need to change our future? Just because it doesn’t fit our expectations or because it depends on our past. The worst thing about future is that it all depends on past. No matter how much you try to make up for it in your present, your past mistakes catch up to you and disrupt your future goals.

I am not saying that you are doomed if your past meddles with your future goals. I am just saying that its hard to grow personally and professionally if that happens.

So, what can you do? You can prepare yourself and make better decisions based on what you have been through in past.

Like I said, no one knows what’s gonna happen. But we always have the present and it can be utilised in a way that can ensure some positive outcomes in the future.

Isn’t it great!

Till then,


Pandemic and me: Is it really over?

Hey there,

You read it, this will be my last post for the pandemic and me series until I find something worthy of posting. Trying to find a reason for writing about pandemic is like wishing for it to not be over. So, its better to not talk and then I won’t be guilty for focusing on it too much.

Ok, enough of the craziness! So many people finally going mask free! Here in India, masks are mandatory in public places but I can see shops and malls reopening. Cinemas and parks filled with people. I can pretty much say……….life is getting back to how it used to be.

But one thing that’s still bothering me. Is pandemic really over? If I look at the numbers then it’s not. Many people are still getting infected. Look at celebrities, they are still getting infected. And we all know, celebrities travel a lot. So traveling is still risky and ther will ve more restrictions on traveling, until the situation is under control.

So, I can’t wait for it to over. Our new journeys and goals are waiting for us and we don’t want any interruptions. Is it too much to ask for? I think not!